Mastering DevOps: The Best Platforms to Learn the Skills for Advanced Specialists


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Mastering DevOps is a critical endeavor for technology professionals who aim to streamline and enhance the collaboration between software development and IT operations. A solid understanding of DevOps engineering skills is vital for those looking to excel in this field. 

As the demand for these skills surges, professionals seek the best platforms to acquire and refine their expertise. Additionally, the skills required for DevOps architect have become increasingly essential, as these roles are pivotal in guiding the strategic direction of projects.

DevOps Engineer Skills List – The Basics

Specific foundational DevOps engineer skills required are non-negotiable for professionals aiming to succeed. Understanding these basics is crucial for anyone looking to establish or advance a DevOps engineer career.

First and foremost, knowledge of coding and scripting is essential. DevOps engineers must handle various automation scripts and understand code to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations effectively. Proficiency in languages like Python, Ruby, or Java is often necessary.

Next, an in-depth understanding of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines is a key skill. This expertise ensures that code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for release, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Familiarity with infrastructure as code (IaC) is another critical skill. This approach allows engineers to manage and provision infrastructure through code instead of manual processes, enabling quicker and more consistent environment setups.

Lastly, a strong grasp of version control systems, such as Git, is vital. These systems allow DevOps engineers to track and manage changes to the codebase, facilitating collaboration and minimizing conflicts.

These key skills for DevOps engineer careers form the bedrock upon which professionals can build more advanced capabilities.

Top Skills for DevOps Engineer

Top skills for DevOps architects include expertise in system architecture and design, which enables them to create scalable and efficient infrastructure. Profound knowledge of automation tools and practices is crucial for streamlining workflows. They must also excel in scripting and coding to automate processes effectively.

 A deep understanding of CI/CD pipelines is essential for integrating and deploying code seamlessly. DevOps architects also need strong collaboration and communication skills, as they often lead cross-functional teams. Their ability to manage and implement monitoring and logging practices ensures system reliability and performance optimization.

The Best Platforms to Learn New Skills and Hone Current Ones

The right learning platform can be a game-changer, offering resources to learn new skills and hone existing ones. Whether you’re starting fresh or aiming to upgrade your expertise, the following platforms provide comprehensive learning experiences tailored to a variety of needs.


Coursera partners with universities and organizations worldwide to offer courses in various domains, including technology, business, and science. Its offerings range from individual courses to full degree programs, catering to learners at different stages of their careers. With a blend of video lectures, interactive quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments, Coursera provides a robust learning environment for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge base.


Udemy boasts a vast library of courses in numerous fields, from programming and web development to personal development and business. Its flexible, self-paced learning model allows professionals to learn at their convenience. Instructors from around the globe share their expertise, offering practical, real-world insights and skills that are immediately applicable in professional settings.


Pluralsight focuses specifically on tech and creative professionals, offering a wide range of courses in areas like software development, IT ops, and cybersecurity. Its platform includes skill assessments, learning paths, and courses designed by industry experts, making it ideal for those looking to stay ahead in the tech industry.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides a diverse array of courses linked to professional development and industry-specific skills. With a subscription, users get access to an extensive library of courses ranging from leadership and management to programming and data science. Its integration with the LinkedIn network allows for a personalized learning experience, recommending courses based on your profession and interests.


DevOps is a relatively new profession. DevOps engineer skills can be helpful if you want to take on your next career path, and given the nature of the job, you may want to improve your skills.

Thus, acquiring basic skills for a DevOps engineer can be achieved through various avenues. Online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer courses covering fundamental concepts in DevOps, including version control, continuous integration, and deployment automation. Additionally, community forums, meetups, and conferences provide valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and hands-on experience.

Furthermore, seeking mentorship from experienced professionals and participating in real-world projects or internships can accelerate skill development and provide valuable insights into industry best practices. By leveraging these resources and actively engaging with the proper community, aspiring engineers can build a strong foundation and embark on a successful career journey in DevOps.